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Leather Potholder

Leather Potholder

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Never drop a pan again! You know you’ve done it. We all have. Remember last time when you made that batch of cookies for the neighbors and the counters were covered with cookie dough, bowls, and chocolate chips? You pulled the freshly baked cookies out of the oven and realized too late there was no place to set them down. OUCH! Your flimsy cloth potholders didn’t give you any warning and you dropped the pan - and the cookies! Your dog hit the jackpot, but you were left with burned fingers and nothing for the neighbors. Bottom line: You need our Leather Potholders so you never drop a pan again! The beautiful suede leather is naturally flame-resistant and heats up slowly, giving you a minute to clear some space on the counter for those delicious cookies. When the potholders get dirty (and they will get dirty because you’re going to use them all the time!) just throw them in the wash and hang to dry. Plus, since suede is naturally so grippy, you can use them to open a jar or stick under your mixing bowl for more stability. Trust us, these potholders are awesome. Once you try them you won’t use anything else!

Made from genuine suede leather, 7.5” square. Potholders can be purchased as a single potholder or a set of two.



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