Find Riley

Wheres Riley

What is Find Riley? Find Riley is a series of fun puzzle photos included in each of our shipments. We've taken photos of Riley the Rhino in exotic locations around the world. Can you find him in the photo? This page shows where he is hidden and where he travelled.

Who's Riley and why is he a Rhino? Riley is a shout out to the first product we sold - the Save the Rhinos! Necklace. One of our favorite parts of owning a business is giving a portion of sales to charity. Riley the Rhino and our Find Riley photos serve as a fun reminder to Love Life and Do Good!


Warning: Answers to all of the Find Riley photos are posted below!


Niksic Montenegro

Dubrovnik 1

Split 1


Dubrovnik 2

Split 2


Dubrovnik 3

Split 3