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Coloring Boards


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Coloring Boards
Coloring Boards

Love to color? Beat the boredom and create a beautiful work of art that can be used over and over. Our reusable Coloring Boards are a fun DIY activity with options for the whole family. We off easier, fun designs for kids and more difficult designs for teens/adults. Once they are colored you can display for all to see or wipe them clean and color again!

Color these clear, acrylic boards again and again with markers. Regular marker wipes right off. Make them semi-permanent with permanent marker – just use rubbing alcohol to remove the marker and color again!

Each Coloring Board comes with a clear, acrylic stand so you can display your work for all to see. Coloring Boards look great on a shelf. Place them near a window, or in front of a candle, and watch the light shine through the artwork.

Our regular coloring boards are best for teen, adults or those who are up for more detailed coloring. For easier coloring please see our Kids' Coloring Boards.

Did you know coloring is actually healthy? Coloring can reduce anxiety and stress, improve focus, improve sleep and enhance positive thoughts.

Each Coloring Board measures 5” X 5”. Made in Montana from proof-grade Acrylic.

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